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The CameraSecura 4G Grip attaches to Nikon or Canon DSLRs and allows photos and videos to be transmitted via 4G LTE, 3G, WiFi, and more. Options include transmitting all images, or only images selected using the protect button on the camera. The powerful software onboard the Grip makes it ideal for a wide array of customers.

For Police and Government Agencies

For customers that require a CESG approved solution for transmitting photos, we offer the CameraSecura [REDACTED] Grip. For customers with different requirements, the 4G Grip supports transmitting photos via Secure FTP with AES encryption. The speed and convenience of the Grip makes it ideal for transmitting images of persons of interest during large events or riots, for hostage rescue situations, for evidence collection, and more.

For News Media

The 4G Grip is the ideal solution for high speed news gathering. For day to day use, the ability to select photos, and then transmit them with captions attached allows a photojournalist to transmit practically live, without having to leave the scene to open up a laptop.

For Large Events

For large sporting or red carpet events, the optional Remote Editing support allows a Grip to be handed to a photographer, and within seconds of photos being taken, 1-2 megapixel versions appear in the photo editor's web browser, or directly in a folder on their hard drive for viewing and captioning in PhotoMechanic or Adobe Bridge. The photographer is free to keep shooting without having to stop to transmit. The editor can use the proxy images as-is for the web, or rate them 5 stars to tell the Grip to transmit the full resolution file. This approach not only allows the live feed to keep up with the photographer, but saves the Grip from needlessly using huge amounts of expensive bandwidth.

For Event Photography

With support for data association using Bluetooth barcode scanners and RFID readers, the Grip is ideal for event photography. A typical workflow would have the photographer scan the barcode on a pre-printed business card, photograph the customer, and then hand them the card. When the customer visits the web page printed on the card, or an on-site viewing station, they are able to view and purchase their photos. This is made possible with the Gripís built-in SmugMug support, allowing customers with even the most modest budgets to offer a professional buying experience. Customers with existing viewing stations can have the Grip transmit via FTP. The powerful WiFi card inside the Grip offers much more range than other solutions, or for events spread out over a very wide area, the 4G version of the Grip will automatically switch from WiFi to 4G when needed.

For Professional Photographers

The Grip can be used to transmit photos to an iPad or laptop, allowing the photographer to check focus and get a better view of their photos as they work. The Grip is compatible with ShutterSnitch on the iPad or iPhone. It is also possible to connect to the Grip from Safari on the iPhone/iPad/laptop and view the LiveView feed from the camera, and remotely take photos and start/stop video recording (Canon cameras only currently).

For Vertical Markets

The Grip is ideal for industries that need high quality images from a DSLR with data association. Examples would include utility inspection crews, auction houses, and more. Due to the Grip being software upgradable, it is also possible for us to develop custom solutions, please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

  • Verizon 4G LTE + Long Range 802.11n WiFi (USA Version)
  • 3G HSUPA + Long Range 802.11n WiFi (Worldwide Version)
  • Long Range 802.11n Wi-Fi Only
  • Email
  • FaceBook
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • Secure FTP (AES encryption)
  • SCP
  • SmugMug
  • Upgradeable to include the most advanced Remote Editing features on the market
  • Transmit all files, or transmit only Tagged files
  • Transmit JPEG, RAW and video files, or only transmit JPEG files
  • Resize Images
  • Recompress Images
  • Convert RAW files to JPEG
  • Add IPTC Caption
  • On-screen keyboard allows data to be associated with images as they are shot
  • Supports Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
  • RFID Support - Contact Us
  • Pre-Picture Scan Mode - Scan barcode(s) before taking photos, photos are transmitted immediately
  • Post-Picture Scan Mode - Allows photos to be reviewed or deleted before transmission
  • Scan Data can be stored in the file name, Exif Comment, and/or Exif Description
  • Supports multiple scans in Pre-Picture mode
  • 32GB flash memory for backing up images
  • Gigabit Ethernet via USB dongle
  • Satellite Modem Support via Ethernet
  • Supports both Canon and Nikon Cameras
  • Touch sensitive OLED screen for easy configuration
  • Software upgradable for added features
  • Onboard software can be customized for customers with specific needs
  • Possibility for other Linux compatible software or scripts to be installed