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Idruna Remote Editing System 2.0

Video of Pocket Phojo 6.0 with IRES Support

IRES and 3G/EVDO Networks

What the Editor Sees

Multiple Photographers

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Bandwidth Optimizations

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In-Camera Photo Selection

Card Ingestion

Voice Tags

Image Organization/Barcode Support

Other Features Requested by Customers

Plan B

Video Support

Case Study - Hostage Rescue, Combat Camera, Special Forces, and Police

The sister product to IRES, Pocket Phojo, has been deployed by police and military forces, and was recently used to successfully defuse a tense hostage rescue situation. The new group feature in IRES is ideal for these scenarios as it allows both a control room and on-site team leaders to monitor the combined take from multiple photographers in a covert surveillance unit, in real time, with high encryption securing the link in both directions. The photographers also benefit by being able to better concentrate on the target and their surroundings, without being distracted by having to manually transmit images.

Case Study - World Economic Forum 2009

New!: Idruna Remote Editing System a success at World Economic Forum 2009

Case Study - Euro 2008

Andy Mettler of Swiss-Image recently used IRES to cover the EURO 2008 kick-off event live from Mount Jungfraujoch. "It was a difficult job with 200 media and 200 guests at an altitude of 3500 meters (11,500ft), which meant no 3G or WiFi was available, only Swisscom Mobile's EDGE network." said Andy. "I gave my assistant back in the office 1 hour of training on how to view my photos and download the best ones using their web browser. The results were excellent. We had 15 pictures online when I reached the top of the Junfgraujoch, and 4 pictures after 8 minutes of the game. Over all, the pictures were online at least 50 minutes before the pictures of other photographers. A photographer should concentrate on taking pictures, not on questions like: where can I put my notebook, where can I find a line, how fast I am? Remote Editing is the future for news and sports photographers!"

Case Study - EPA

John Mabanglo, EPA's San Francisco Bureau Chief, used IRES at the NBA Playoffs. "The sports section of the New York Times online and in print addition used my picture from last night's NBA Playoffs. Also, if you have today's LA Times sports section, they also used another picture from the game. Both pictures were produced using the Pocket PC running Phojo/IRES tethered to my Canon EOS1D MkII N." To illustrate the flexibility of IRES, John's editor was a fellow photographer connected via an airline terminal's WiFi hotspot while waiting for a flight.

Supported Cameras

Supported Hardware

Windows Mobile Devices with USB Host Support: Need help deciding which hardware to use? As a software developer, we are happy to offer unbiased advice, please feel free to email us or ask in the forums.

IRES Return On Investment

Customized Solutions

Pricing and Availability

Idruna's Remote Editing System is available now priced at $499 for the Windows version, or from $389 as part of Pocket Phojo 6.0 for Windows Mobile. The software can be downloaded from and evaluated free of charge for 30 days, plus Idruna has a 30 day money back guarantee policy. The software is delivered via a download link for same day delivery.

Existing Pocket Phojo customers can upgrade to Phojo 6.0 with IRES for $99, or upgrade to both Phojo 6.0 and the Windows version of IRES for only $199.

Customers wishing to run their own IRES server rather than use the ones provided by Idruna can purchase a server license, please email us at for pricing.

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